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Triple Accredited by

Business School of the Year (THE Awards, 2016)

Top 50 in the World (FT Executive MBA, 2016)

Top 100 in the World (Economist Which MBA, 2016)


The Strathclyde MBA is a stimulating, challenging, life-changing experience, which will make you question, re-think and re-evaluate how you do business.

It is highly experiential and based on collaborative learning. Students share their varied work experiences, knowledge, understanding and skills.

The MBA will shape and guide you as a reflective, open-thinking, adaptive learner. This is facilitated through enhanced understanding of the interplay of theory and practice in management.

Liang Xiuming
The Strathlcyde MBA has been a life changing experience, imparting me with the strategic thinking skills in anticipating and responding to changes in the mobile global market place. Thinking strategically and holistically enables me to dissect a problem from the perspectives of various stakeholders, connect the dots and anticipate the ripple effect of decisions made.
Christian Eber
Overall, it was a very enriching experience and my business has grown positively over the past year thanks to the useful tools and framework acquired from the programme. I would recommend anyone who is keen to upscale their corporate management skills and improve the lives of the people around them to sign up for the Strathclyde MBA.
Ho Wai Han
It was a well-rounded programme with emphasis on strategy. I was also very interested in the learning manager module which I think is so relevant today, with all the constant changes globally. It has opened some doors within my organisation to different opportunities. After completing my MBA, I had the opportunity for a posting to Japan with exposure to higher level executive decision making. The level of discussion which I can undertake has changed after undergoing the MBA programme.
The Learning Manager
2 Electives
Analytical Support for Decision Making
Programme Seminar
Entrepreneurial Management and Leadership
Finance and Financial Management
Project Methodology
Comparative Corporate Governance
Financial and Management Accounting
Strategic Consulting in Practice
Exploring the International Business Environment
Operations Management
Strategy, Analysis and Evaluation
Marketing Management
Making Strategy
Managing People in Organisations
MBA Project
Information & Technology Management
The Strathclyde MBA is designed to empower your career and understanding of management business.
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